Tips for Moving to a Smaller House

Tips for Moving to a Smaller House

Moving from a large home to a smaller one might be heartbreaking, but it’s a perfect opportunity to do away with things that you are no longer using. When people think of downsizing, they see it as a way of losing things. But that is not the case. In fact, it’s a way to create time and space to the most valuable items in your home.

But the challenge usually is what to leave behind and what to carry with you. It’s never easy to determine the worth of things, especially if you have had them for a long time. However, if you are moving to a smaller house, here are some helpful downsizing tips.

Understand the space you are moving into

The first step towards downsizing is to consider your new home. How many rooms does it have and what are their sizes? If the new living space is extremely smaller, then you’ll be forced to leave behind the over-sized things like furniture. If the rooms in the new living space are not as many as those in your current home, you’ll need to get rid of almost all the things in the additional rooms. Bear in mind that you don’t want to crowd your house with unnecessary stuff.

Take your inventory

Moving into a new home can lead to loss of some necessary items if one is not careful. So, it’s vital that you start by going through your belongings and writing them down. This list will even help you decide what you should keep and what to throw or donate or sell. Of course, this is not an easy task. But to simplify things for you, try breaking it up by handling one room at a time.

Set your top priorities

This is the time you’ll be required to differentiate between your wants and needs. Ask yourself, what are some of the things you need in your new living space? The truth is, everyone has something in their house that they don’t use anymore. It’s essential that you get what is of most importance to you. For example, is it crucial that you have a private door outdoor space or an open floor? Setting priorities will help you know the spaces that may be a good fit and those that you can do without.

Reduce duplicate items

Look at the things you have in multiples and only keep those you love most. Most duplicates items are in the kitchen, so it is by extension a hotbed for downsizing. Do you really need ten cutting knives? Or five chopping boards? Unless you regularly have visitors, you don’t need multiple sets of forks or drinking glasses.

Let go of attachments

All of us feel attached to some items in our houses. It could be a piece of old furniture or a Persian rug. It’s hard to get rid of something you paid your hard earned cash for or an item that you’ve had for years. But, remember with this mindset, downsizing will be incredibly difficult. So start by letting go of attachments in your house. Ask yourself, when was the last time you used that item, and are you likely to use it in the future? And most importantly will you have space for that item in your new home?

Downsizing is hectic since it requires you to get rid of stuff you lived with. But once you finally let go, it’ll be easier for you to pack and move. Remember you can donate, sell, or throw these items that you don’t need anymore.