Do Loft Conversions Add Value To A House?

Do Loft Conversions Add Value To A House?

Loft conversions are increasingly popular these days, with many homeowners seeing the real potential in them. There are numerous benefits to converting your loft such as: having an additional room or space to accommodate your growing family and just simply expanding the potential of your property to get the best use out of the available space.

The most popular benefit that pushes people to consider loft conversations though is its potential to add value to their house. Will it really add value though?

If you ask any professional real estate agent or tradesman if it will add value, they will probably tell you yes. This makes a lot of sense, because having an additional room in the same property is going to be valued for more on the housing market. It will make it easier to sell and increase the price tag. However, there is more that needs to be consider before you decide to go down this path.

It will only add value if its fully designed and the work is carried out professionally and to a high standard. There are other things you need to consider, such as..

Is A Loft Conversion Suitable For Your House?

Before you do anything else, stop and think. Is your house suitable for a loft conversion? There are certain types of roof that can more easily accommodate a loft conversion than others. The easiest way to check the suitability of your roof and house for a loft conversion is to arrange for some professionals to come out and inspect your home.

How Will The New Loft Space Be Used?

Although the main goal of converting your loft is to add value to your house, the best way to maximise that value is by deciding how the additional space is going to be used. Think carefully about what type of space or room would your house benefit from most – whether its an additional bedroom, bathroom, living room, or just a playroom for the kids. There is an almost endless number of ways you could use that additional space.

Will It Be Too Much Hassle To Have The Work Done?

This is probably the biggest reason why people fail to capitalise on the value a loft conversion could add to their home – they simply thought it would involve too much work and be a hassle. While it is true that there will be upheaval of some degree, if you have an excellent team of architects, builders and project managers at your disposal, there is no reason why your loft conversion should not run smoothly.

So, will a loft conversion add value to your house? Robert Draper from says than likely it will. Particularly if you take heed of the points above and avoid diving head first into it without planning it through properly. Remember the phrase, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and then make sure you check things twice and thrice even.