Under-the-Bed Storage – Organizing Your Bedroom Space

Under-the-Bed Storage – Organizing Your Bedroom Space

Afraid to even look under the bed? Here are some tips for turning that dust bunny haven into a useful storage space.

A well-organized area under the bed can not only provide much-needed storage space, it can also make cleaning easier. With everything in its place, you won’t have to worry about catching the vacuum cleaner on stray shoelaces or random piles. No matter what your budget, from cardboard boxes to a whole new bedroom set, you can make the under-bed area a useful part of your home, even if you do not have an Ottoman or storage bed.

Under-Bed Storage Bags

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to organize the space under the bed is to use storage bags. You can buy low, wide bags specifically made to fit into this tight space. Some are purely plastic; others are partly canvas, but most allow you to see the contents inside and keep out the dust. Bags work well for storing items such as extra blankets, comforters, and sheets that are good to have handy, but not needed every day.

Some bags allow you to compress items into an even smaller space by vacuuming the air out of the bag. For fluffy items like comforters, this can add even more room to store things under the bed.

Under-Bed Storage Bins

Many stores sell plastic storage bins that are made to slide under the bed. These are perfect for storing all kinds of items, such as clothes, shoes, or even craft supplies. You may be able to save money by buying several bins at once in a bulk pack.

Under-Bed Stand-Alone Drawers

Another storage solution you may want to try is plastic drawers that are made to be stacked. By putting them side by side instead of on top of each other, you can easily create an under-bed dresser. Some furniture stores also sell stand-alone wooden drawers that are made to slide under the bed. Before ordering them, measure your bed to make sure they’ll fit under the bed you have.

Under-Bed Built-in Drawers

If you’re thinking of buying a new bed, for yourself or a child, you may want to consider buying a bed with built-in drawers. The most common under-bed dressers are twin-sized (often called mates or captain’s beds), but you can also find them in full, queen, and even king sized, especially if you look online. If you order a bed online, be sure to check the price of shipping or wait for a free or discounted shipping special, since the cost for such heavy items can be more than the furniture itself. Many drawer beds also have the option of a bookcase headboard, which can add even more storage space.

Under Bed Boxes

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to spend any money to clean up the area under the bed. Good old cardboard boxes may not be pretty (or do the best job keeping out dust), but they also won’t be seen much since they’re under the bed. (And you can always cover them up with a dust ruffle.) If the contents are well organized, any storage solution can work just fine.

Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Shabby Chic Wooden Furniture

Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Shabby Chic Wooden Furniture

Shabby Chic wooden furniture is timeless in every sense of the word. Wood has the ability to bring an element of warmth to any home and when looked after really well can last a lifetime. Wood furniture is extremely versatile and can be used in almost every room in your home. Wooden furniture offers a unique aesthetic appeal to any home.

As part of nature-connected interior design, wood can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming feel and a truly ‘organic’ sense. It’s also not a fad, this material and has been used for furniture construction for generations upon generations, and as such offers a timeless quality that cannot be replicated. Wooden furniture items can be used as statement pieces in your lounge or dining room or they can be a little more understated and used as pop pieces to bring life into your home.

The greatest feature of wood is that you no longer need to make sure that all the wooden pieces in your home match. Yes, we’ll all agree that matchy-matchy wooden furniture has its long-lived moment in the sun and there is nothing wrong with that. We can also agree that we are thankful that time has now passed. One of the latest trends in decorating with shabby chic furniture is known as mixing wood tones and we are delighted!

Mixing wood tones will give any room a more inviting and effortlessly styled feel. In times gone buy matched up wooden furniture would feel calculating and clinical. Not you have the ability to make sure that your home is as inviting as you are by making use of tone matched wooden furniture. As an added bonus, you can pop around second hand or thrift stores to pick up a few bargains. If you are considering buying older wooden furniture you can easily breathe new life into the pieces with a coat of varnish or even new cushions.

There are countless ways to pair old and new shabby chic collection furniture pieces to give your home a striking appeal. Take for instance the idea of placing a few antique seater pieces around a modern wood table. This will give your home a modern feel while not looking at the homey effect. Actually, because you don’t really buy every wooden furniture piece at the same time, from the same supplier you could already have been mixing tones without even knowing you were being stylish.

Since wood tones are in the ‘neutral’ category, it is relatively easy to mix them and achieve a visually pleasing result. If you’re starting with a wood floor and are adding new wood tones such as a table or chairs always try to add in a rug as a buffer. When pairing your woods you need to make sure they have a connection at the end your design process your home should feel connected and well put together.

Minimize Expenses With Small Removal Services

Minimize Expenses With Small Removal Services

Did you know that hiring a small removals in Bristol service that specializes in small moves could save you money? In this article we describe what a “small move” is to help you identify your opportunity to save money on your next move. Figuring out what type of move is right for you is the first step in having a stress-free, time, and cost efficient experience.

Is Your Move a “Small Move?”

Moving does not always mean relocating the contents of a large house. Sometimes it means moving an apartment, bedroom, dorm room, or office. With smaller-scale moves like these, you may be shipping just a few furniture items, boxes, or some large household items, often totaling only a few hundred pounds. People that make these types of moves can be students, parents with children in college, older adults shipping family heirlooms to children or grandchildren, single adults, or anyone else who has only a small amount of moving to do. As you may have guessed, almost everyone goes through a small move at some point in their lives!

Why Choose Small Move Specialists?

Full-load movers have minimums, which means they charge you for a truckload of space even if you are shipping a few furniture items or boxes. Specialists have no minimums, and combine your items with items from other people, so you pay only for the space you use.

There are numerous important things you need to do if you are serious about hiring the best services to help you move. Here are the most important tips that will help you get all of the important things done so you can be sure you are only hiring the best.

1. Use the free moving estimates to your advantage – Free moving estimates are provided to customers for a reason. You have to be smart and use these to your full advantage.

A free estimate can help you easily make the smart choice about what services to hire. You want to get estimates from as many companies as you can.

Then thoroughly study and compare them. This will help you find the companies that offer a price you can afford, along with the services you need to make your move easier.

2. Don’t choose the first moving company you find – There are many different moving companies available to choose from. You can not just choose the first one that is found because this usually turns out to be a huge mistake.

Not all companies are legitimate and not all companies will offer you a good moving experience. The only way to ensure you have a good move with a good company is to do your homework.

3. Be smart and realize that moving companies are different – Moving companies are different in small and big ways. You have to understand this so you can see why it is so vital to compare companies, services and prices.

Comparing is the only way to know how each company differs. It is also the only way you will be able to find the best company for you to hire.